The Unit

The Unit

The Familial Cardiac Disease Unit of the University Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta provides a specialized service in the field of cardiovascular genetics to ensure a structured assessment of the family who may be at risk of developing the disease, and channels all diagnostic, clinical, genetic and therapeutic needs of the family.

In collaboration with GenCardio-Diagnostics, The Familial Cardiac Disease Unit provides a genetic assessment with the most sophisticated technologies. It also works closely with family cardiologists to ensure a full assessment of all members and to assist in making treatment decisions in family members carrying genetic defects.


Unit Director: Ramon Brugada
Cardiology: Ramon Brugada, Tug Coloma.
Nursing: Isabel Ramió.
Genetic Counseling: Anna Fernandez

Anna Fernandez

Cardiovascular Genetics Center
Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IdIBGi)
C / Dr. Brown s / n, Martí i Julià Hospital Park (M-2)
17290, Salt, Girona (Spain)

PHONE: 872987087 (ext 63)


Cardiovascular Genetics Center
IDIBGI C/ Dr Castany s/n
Parc Hospitalari Martí i Julià (M-2)
17290 Salt, Girona
Tel: 872 987087